Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak released today

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I will keep this short and sweet.  Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak record sales are beating The Killers and Guns N’ Roses. Dope album, PURCHASE IT NOW!

Kanye West’s Website


Diddy’s new I Am King/Queen fragrance

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I saw an advertisement for this and thought I would go a off the topic of fashion and express myself a little. In my opinion; Sean P. Diddy Combs is the man! I look up to this guy. He pimps the system, lives hard,  dresses exquisitely constantly challenges himself, he’s the life of any party and loves every minute of everything he does. The man is a walking Robb Report.

Ok, I’m done.

With all that being said; Diddy’s new ad campaign for his new Men’s and Women’s fragrances “I Am King/Queen” has been said to have a his small focus on the President Elect for his marketing strategies. Diddy told The Wall Street Journal When you see Barack Obama, you see a strong, elegant black man and when people see my ad, it’s almost like that’s the trend.“  the name is mainly inspired by the fact that every man is royal in his own way, respecting oneself and carrying oneself in a respectable manner makes any man king. The fragrance will be a Macy’s exclusive, expected to be a December 2008 release.

Note: Barack Obama will not be officially sponsoring the cologne in any way.

“Do it like Diddy do”.

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Blackberry Storm Review By Engadget

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Blackberry Storm

You have to read this review before making the decision to purchase the new Blackberry Storm.

You can always depend on engadget to give you the real deal when it comes to reviewing product amongst the many many other services they provide. I’m not really a fan of the touch screens PDA’s but to eaches own. Check out this very detailed review of the new Blackberry Storm provided by Verizon Wireless.

Source: Engadget

Shop It To Me

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Shop It To Me Website

Are you hooked on online shopping?
Do you click on the Clearance or Sale link when your shopping online?
Are you tired of being disappointed about that jacket you wanted that’s finally on sale not being in your size?


If you haven’t checked out Shop It To Me already, you should click on the link now and sign up. You can personalize your search from the collections you’re interested in right down to your size and how often you want to be alerted with the “Sale Mail.” The best things about it besides having your own online personal sale shopper, is that it has simple, fast and painless registration process. Check it out and create a quick and easy personalized search.

The Cherry I Couldn’t Eat – Common Projects

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Common Projects Achilles-Mid Patent Leather

The Cherry I Couldn’t Eat…

Fellas, have you seen these yet?  Well, I got the privilege to get up close and personal with them at the Seven New York Store in SoHo, NYC.  Just thought I might share them with you real quick seeing as how Common Projects only produces up to a size 46 UK (12 US) and your boy is a 48UK (14 US).  Any way go get em’ Pac-Man.

Get them @
Seven New York
115 mercer Street, NYC


Google’s attack on T-mobile, The G1 Android Phone

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G1 Android Phone


Man O’ Man, I don’t know if this will cause the breakup between my beloved blackberry and I, but it will definitely have me thinking about going behind her back and getting me a piece.  T-Mobile, HTC and Google officially released information on Google’s highly anticipated G1 Android. The G1 will be available on October 22nd, 2008 for $179. T-mobile members can be the 1st up for grabs by signing up to pre-order it on their website.  Check out The Boy Genius Report and Cool Hunting People for more information, footage and reviews on the upcoming device.

Source: The Boy Genius Report, Cool Hunting People

Get Your Wings

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Red Wing Boots caught my eye this week while out and about during Fashion Week in NYC. Hey, I know a lot of you might say “this ain’t nothin’ new”, well “it ain’t”. The 100 Year old Shoe Company has stayed true to its roots since men were still riding horses, but I am very sorry to say that in the past Red Wing Boots have been on the bottom of my shopping list. Especially when your walking around with these size 14’s (as I stated so many times before) you need to wear a shoe that is very detailed, neat and specific for the man with gift of “size”. Man o’ man, I tried on a pair with my G-Star Classic 3301’s (that’s a plug, you’re welcome) and said “Damn, these look dope!”. Not my everyday boot, but definitely something I need on standby, but to eaches on though.

Until the next post, ciao!!!

Red Wing  875 - Mens - 6-inch
Red Wing  875 – Mens – 6-inch
Price: $187.00