Get Your Wings



Red Wing Boots caught my eye this week while out and about during Fashion Week in NYC. Hey, I know a lot of you might say “this ain’t nothin’ new”, well “it ain’t”. The 100 Year old Shoe Company has stayed true to its roots since men were still riding horses, but I am very sorry to say that in the past Red Wing Boots have been on the bottom of my shopping list. Especially when your walking around with these size 14’s (as I stated so many times before) you need to wear a shoe that is very detailed, neat and specific for the man with gift of “size”. Man o’ man, I tried on a pair with my G-Star Classic 3301’s (that’s a plug, you’re welcome) and said “Damn, these look dope!”. Not my everyday boot, but definitely something I need on standby, but to eaches on though.

Until the next post, ciao!!!

Red Wing  875 - Mens - 6-inch
Red Wing  875 – Mens – 6-inch
Price: $187.00


~ by Jay White on September 12, 2008.

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