Sweedish Eye-Candy

Tretorn SoHo Shop

As I was purusing through SoHo yesterday, somehow I ended up in the Tretorn Shop on Spring Street. So I decided to have a look around the Ole’ Swedish Shop and found this beauty (see Below). Looks comfortable, feels soft, but I didn’t get them because apparently there isn’t anyone in Sweden that wears a size 14. So I thought I’d live vicariously through my fellas, enjoy! For more information check out the Tretorn website.

The Tretorn Low-top Stilig Tennis Shoe
Price: $80.00 $40.00
The Tretorn Lowtop Stilig Tennis ShoeThe Tretorn Lowtop Stilig Tennis Shoe White

Ooh by the way did I mention that Tretorn is having a 50% off sale too.


Store Photo by: Josh Rubin @ Cool Hunting


~ by Jay White on August 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sweedish Eye-Candy”

  1. The white shoes are so classic. I love the brown accent stripe and the minimalist style of these sneakers. I can’t believe they are so inexpensive.

  2. Hey! I like your post “Sweedish Eye-Candy” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Greetings Engel

  3. Nice job. I completely agree with you.

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