Treat Kasteel Cru avec délicatesse


Last weekend I stopped at this Luz a Nuevo Latino Resturaunt in Brooklyn and was highly reccomended by one of the waitresses try a French beer called Kasteel Cru, I couldn’t resist, so I tried it. I had a sip and it was light, clean and crispy. I called the waitress over and said to her “this isn’t beer! It tastes like champagne.” Then she mentioned to me that Kasteel Cru ferments Champagne Yeast into their brew which gives it a well balanced, crisp and elegant taste that anyone who appreciates fine dining will enjoy. I think I’m in love…

Brief info:
Brewed with water from les Vosges Mountains in Alsace, malted barley, choicest hops, and the extraordinary, inventive addition of Champagne yeast fermentation, Kasteel Cru is a deliciously crafted lager which combines strength with a lightness of touch. Perfectly inspired by the quest to capture the uniquely rich and diverse characteristics of France’s ‘petit jardin’ in a fine lager, the satisfying reward of a great beer body is introduced by the brightest, lively head and finished with the crisp, clean promise of more to come.

Altogether, Kasteel Cru adds a sparkle to the tradition of fine brewing.

The first taste delivers an immediate ‘zing’ from the carbonation, and a natural acidity is created by the special yeast during fermentation. This enhances the refreshing and moreish character of the beer. The low bitterness ensures that the mouth-feel is light; with a sweet-sour balance in the acidity, with little or no astringency – and a finish that is clean and crisp.

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~ by Jay White on June 21, 2008.

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