Gytha Mander: The collection to keep your eye on

gytha mander


The mission behind Gytha Mander is to create a classic ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for men and women distinguished by contemporary accents and elegant details.  Gytha (A Gift) Mander (From Me) was founded in 2002 and labors to produce clothing and haberdashery as unique as they are timeless. The collection  is punctuated by wooden ties, high collar trench coats, and crocodile holsters  for men and women.

Though It may not be easy to find the range in your local mall, Gytha Mander encourages you to seek out its range and be rewarded by wearing it.

For the full Look-Book Check out

Photos below…








~ by Jay White on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “Gytha Mander: The collection to keep your eye on”

  1. Wooden Ties?! how is that timeless. Looks pretty gloom and sardonic to me though. I cannot see myself walking down flatbush in a wooden tie. That blazer looks pretty fresh.

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