adidas Goes Green with adidas Grün

adidas grun


adidas Originals is proud to present adidas Grün, a collection that aims to better the environment by efficiently utilizing the natural resources of this world. With three guiding elements of “Made From”, “Recycled” and “Reground”, adidas Grün offers a range of products, including classic silhouettes like the Forum basketball sneaker and the ZX 500 runner, all made from recycled and natural materials.

Pics Below from: Sneaker freaker






~ by Jay White on May 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “adidas Goes Green with adidas Grün”

  1. Top 7 attributes projected by dressing Adidas:

  2. That looks nice. Interesting colors. You should put something up about loomstate jeans. They are supposed to be 100% organic.

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