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Gas Money

Are you or someone you know complaining about Gas Prices? Unless individuals take action to break their dependency on oil, prices will only continue to rise. Economies are growing rapidly and becoming industrialized across the globe, feeding the demand for oil. While the demand increases, supply doesn’t seem to be following suit. Many experts estimate that oil production will reach it’s global peak by the year 2020. I did some digging and found a list of good tips for saving money on gas. Every little bit counts now a days.

1. Walk – You actually thought I was going to start this off with a good tip? Who in the world wants to walk? Well that’s exactly the attitude we all (including myself) need to lose. Try getting some exercise; walk or ride a bike to run errands that are only a few blocks away.

2. Compare Prices – Using GasBuddy, you can compare prices from over 100,000 stations. You can even use them to receive the latest prices via text message.

3. Use Your Credit Card – Many credit card companies, offer cards that provide cash rebates for gas purchases.

4. Don’t Use Your Credit Card – Yes, I know I’m contradicting myself. Some gas stations are starting to charge extra for using credit cards, to cover merchant fees.

5. Thank A Grocery Store Clerk – Fill out the form and sign up for their loyalty program. Some grocery stores offer gas savings for being a member.

6. Use the Right Octane – Using a higher octane gas than recommended in the owner’s manual, offers no benefit. Again, no benefit.

7. Clean Out Your Car – According to the Federal Trade Commission, “an extra 100 pounds in the trunk can reduce fuel economy by up to 2%.” Be sure to take out the bowling ball in your back seat.

8. Public Transportation – Bus, train, or subway.

9. Carpool – Not only do you save gas money, but you may also qualify to drive in the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane. Wave goodbye to the suckers stuck in traffic!

10. Combine Errands – Instead of going to the grocery store, going back home, and then picking up your friend later on in the day, only to drive by the grocery store again on the way back; why not tell your buddy he’s going to work for his ride…by helping you carry groceries.

11. Check Your Tires – Make sure they are propery aligned and inflated.

12. Don’t Idle – Many seem to believe that turning off your car and restarting it uses more gas. Unless you’re driving a 1967 Oldsmobile, that’s not the case. Modern fuel injection proves this to be a myth. Of course, starters will eventually need to be replaced as well. So don’t turn the key at every red light you stop at. However, if you plan on being idle for 5 minutes, shut your engine off.

13. Checkups – Get regular tune-ups according to the manual.

14. Change Oil – Unless you drive in “ideal” conditions (most of us don’t), have the oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months (whichever comes first). If you are driving in ideal conditions (you’re only kidding yourself), then you may be able to go longer between oil changes, but why risk it? Save money on gas, and more importantly, keep your car alive longer.

15. Don’t Over-Do-It – Don’t top off your tank, or it may overflow.

16. Don’t Drip – When taking the pump out of the tank, shake it a little, so that you don’t lose gas from dripping.

17. Double Check – Make sure the cap is on tight to prevent gas from evaporating

18. Remove Snow Tires – If it’s 100 degrees outside on a hot summer day, why are you using big tires with deep tread?

19. Roll Up Your Windows – Decrease air resistance, which in turn, will increase the amount of miles per gallon of gasoline that your car gets.

20. Light On The Air – Use air conditioner sparingly. Obviously there are times when combining #16 and #17 just isn’t practical. But hey, who ever said saving gas was easy.

21. Replace Air Filters – Don’t let clogged filters spend your money.

22. Don’t Speed – It will cost you at the pump, and earn you a visit with the city judge (trust me, if anyone knows about speeding tickets, I do). Once you start going over 60 mph, your gas mileage decreases rapidly.

23. Use Overdrive Gears – Engine speed, and engine wear is reduced.

24. Cruise Control – If you’re on the highway and there’s not much traffic, using cruise control can help to maintain a constant speed.

25. Remove Racks – Again, more weight on your car will decrease your gas mileage. If you’re headed to work, there’s probably no reason to have a bike rack on your car, from last weekend’s camping trip.

26. Acceleration – Seeing how fast you can get from 0 to 60 will cost you.

27. Braking – Don’t put yourself in a position that you’ll need to brake aggressively. Braking means slowing down, which in turn means having to accelerate again.

28. Fuel Treatments – Using a treatment can sometimes help to clean and protect your engine. However, they aren’t always necessary, and can sometimes even be harmful. Read your owner’s manual, and talk to a mechanic that you trust.

29. Car Shopping – We would all love to have a new Corvette ZR1, but the fact is, they get terrible gas mileage. A Honda Civic will get you a lot further on a tank of gas. You may also want to check out some of the new hybrids available. Even many SUVs are becoming available in a hybrid version.

30. Avoid Excessive Warming – On a cold winter morning, letting your engine warm for a minute is plenty.

31. Go Manual – Manual transmissions get better fuel economy.

32. Park In The Shade – To prevent gas evaporation and reduce the amount of air conditioner needed once you get back to your car.

33. Use The Landscape – If you’re coming up on a hill, ease up on the gas pedal, so that once you reach the downhill point, you can let your car glide down, without using gas to accelerate.

34. The Grade – Make sure you’re using the correct grade of motor oil for your car. This will ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary engine friction.

35. Feed Your Car The Good Stuff – You could even take it a step further, and start using synthetic motor oil, keeping friction to a minimum. However, the higher cost of synthetic oil will offset the savings on gas. Then again, synthetic oil will also keep your engine in better shape.

36. Late Night/Early Morning – Fill up during the coolest hours of the day, when the density of gasoline is maximized. When charging you, stations measure the volume of gasoline, not density.

37. Remove All Ice – Instead of just freeing your windshield after a cold winter night, clear the ice from your entire car. Ice can add a good deal of weight and wind resistance, which again, will decrease your gas mileage.

38. Change Locations – If you’re driving 20 miles to go work out at a gym, or to shop at your favorite grocery store, you may want to consider going somewhere closer. Driving distances should also be a factor, when purchasing a home, or finding a new job.

39. Test Different Routes – Make sure you’re using the best route to get to work, school, or any other activity that requires driving on a regular basis. Are you taking the long way, or maybe taking the road that is always backed up with traffic? See if there are any other options.

40. Avoid Gadgets – Rarely do the “gas-saving” gadgets ever work. You’re wasting your money trying to save money. Turn off that next infomercial that claims to increase your gas mileage by 20%. Research the product first if you really want to give it a shot.

41. Wait For The Quarter Mark – Don’t fill up your tank if it’s already half full. Remember, weight can cause your gas mileage to decrease. In other words, you’d be getting more mpg with a quarter tank of gas than you would with a full tank.

42. Leave Early, Stay Late – Sometimes, it may be beneficial to avoid rush hour. The stop and go driving in heavy traffic will significantly reduce your gas mileage, and also cause more wear and tear on your car.

Source: Trend Spike


~ by Jay White on May 11, 2008.

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