Swatch Full Blooded

swatch FULL-BLOODED Blackswatch FULL-BLOODED Goldswatch FULL-BLOODED Silver

Not to be prude, but when I turned 19 (which by the way wasn’t long ago) I vowed that I wouldn’t wear a swatch again. Not for any particular reason.  I just thought I was a grown man and grown men wear watches with simple classic details. You know Leather, Snake Skin, or Stainless-Steel bands.  A swatch was for the teen who wanted to stand out and be different and get something a little more modern looking and a little less colorful than your average G-Shock. Now the brick I refuse to lay has come to haunt me, I am now a fan of the swatch full-blooded watch. Its a modern, classic weekend watch for young entreprenuers and can take a lickin’ and will keep on tickin’.


~ by Jay White on May 9, 2008.

One Response to “Swatch Full Blooded”

  1. That black watch is nice, gotta get one!

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