Naked and Famous Denim

Naked and famous logo

Denim Comes and Denim Goes, but this denim company will last forever! Naked and famous is a new denim collection that isn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box. This isn’t your ordinary brand this is extra-ordinary. This crazy Canadian guy went to Japan to seek out the most rare and expensive denim fabrics in the world, and combined them with great modern fits. Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan. The prestigious mill in Japan, from which we import all our fabric, is committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world. Throughout each step in denim production (weaving, dyeing, finishing…) the mill uses a combination of old school and modern methods and practices. So much culture and history is poured into the fabric so that it can be appreciated by the denim purist. But, the jeans are completely striped down to the core essentials… no washes, no embroidery, no abrasion, no gimmicks… just the best fabric in the world and good fits.

The brand name Naked & Famous is a satire of our celeb-obsessed culture. We aim to poke fun at “Hollywood” and “Glamour” brands that sell jeans for $300 and up solely because Jessica Simpson wears them and not because they are higher quality. The logo is reminiscent of 1950`s Pop-Art. Early Pop-Artists depicted the “ideal blond” as a satire of mass media and mass culture, then fed it right back to them and they intend to do the same.

Check out the Naked and Famous Website for more videos and information.

They have 8 kinds of crazy Japanese selvedge denim and other unique blends. Ex: thickest denim in the world, silk denim, army denim, natural indigo dyed denim. See below for more images…

Naked & Famous Weird Guy

Naked & Famous Weird Guy

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Salvage

Naked & Famous Weird Guy army


~ by Jay White on May 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Naked and Famous Denim”

  1. naked and famous thats funny I like the branding do you know where i can get a pair?

  2. You can get them at Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Blue in Green in NYC. Check out the Shop NYC Tab if your in NY.

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