SENZ Original smart. strong. stylish.

SENZ Original Windproof Stick Umbrella – smart. strong. stylish.

On my recent trip to London it rained, it shined, and rained again and while doing a little shopping in Chelsea I came across this swanky umbrella that can take a lick and I fell in love it! This is definitely an item to get especially around this time of the year.

The SENZ Original rain umbrella offers a unique aerodynamic design for both style and wind resistance. It is windproof up to a wind force of 70 MPH and never goes inside out. The pioneering patented construction and powerful, straight shapes of this umbrella will give you a new sense of style when out in the rain. The handle is made from a combination of black EVA foam and silver ABS for the perfect grip and top performance, even in the harshest weather conditions. Senz umbrellas also feature eyesavers – a tough connection between the canopy and the construction specially designed to protect your eyes from any possible harm. The Senz Umbrellas are available in the US on-line at the totes-isotoner website.


~ by Jay White on April 28, 2008.

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